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Far Cry Instincts & Predator had the following maps available in multiplayer.

Crowe's primary ordinance stockpile, this facility has suffered in recent months from recurring security violations...(2-6 Players)

In his first few months on the island, Crowe lost dozens of troops trying to establish an outpost at this forbidding location...(8-12 Players)  

This peaceful creek controls access to several surrounding valleys in the heart of Jacutan's main island. (8-12 Players)

An abandoned clinic, formerly used by Dr. Kreiger to test the effects of plant and animal toxins on human subjects. (8-12 Players)

Formerley an Allied stronghold during the Pacific Campaign, these ruins still offer a good base of operations... (10-16 Players)

For centuries, the indigenous Jacutani used this site as their most sacred ancestral shrine. (6-16 Players)

The rusted WWII-era derelict at the center of this lush lagoon reportedly still contains functioning weaponry... (8-12 Players)

This was among the first of the local villages depopulated by Crowe as he recruited test subjects for Krieger's project. (6-10 Players)


Crowe uses this sheltered cove as a staging area for his coastal patrols. (4-8 Players)

Kreigers greenhouse was used to cultivate local plant specimens for his pharmacological research. (2-6 Players)

Not long after Kreiger started scouring Jacutan for information on local shamanistic practices, this tribe quietly disappeared into the jungle. (12-16 Players)

This temple was one of Krieger's first discoveries when he retraced the steps of the original 1010 expedition to Jacutan... (2-6Players)

These ruined ceremonial pools have become home to several aggressive species of fish.. (2-6 Players)

This lush valley became a killing field when dozens of Krieger's test subjects tried to stage an uprising against Crowe's men... (4-8 Players)


Jack is a regular customer of that bar. He's always sure to find what he's looking for: refreshments, women and gunfight with strangers that are up to no good. (2-6 Players)

A treacherous Pirate haven, not far from Rebel territory; Forever under threat from government raids, the place is welll stocked with armaments.. (6-12 Players)

After this government-built refinery was abandoned during unrest, it didn't take long for the jungle vegetation to claim it.. of for Rebel forces to occupy it... (8-14 pLAYERS)

Ancient fortresses - like the Rebels mountain base scatter the countryside; The Rebels abandoned this complex after too many accidental deaths.. (2-6 Players)

Fiercely independent, the Pirates even grow their own food - using labour 'recruited' during their maritime caper, under the guards watchful eyes.. (6-12 Players)

Neither the Pirates nor the Rebels will risk settlink its banks.. This river holds secrets deadly enough to wipe out any of the foolhardy who stray too close.. (10-16 Players)

Trouble comes looking for Carver where he lives; Some of his many enemies have stalked out the Islands he calls home, looking for a little payback..(10-16 Players)

These islands are a host to a sophisticated smuggling operation, including many fortified hiding spots for stowing contraband and fighting off rival bands... (12-16 Players)

On Instincts we could have up to 4 players on one console via split screen.
Evolution and Predator was 2 player split screen.

We could also customize our Character im Multiplayer and change hats, ammo packs, belts and other things.

What were your top choices from the maps above and which mode did you prefer ?