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Riding Elephant's & Using them as a weapon.

Not all of your interactions with the elephants will be nice. It’s been reported that in addition to riding them, players will also be able to taunt, kick, and bait the elephants to cause them to charge. PETA probably wouldn’t be so fond of that gameplay mechanic, but at the same time at least you can’t murder them for their ivory and craft it into a sword. You win some, you lose some.

That was something special seeing the elephant trash that vehicle from the E3 Video - been able to ride these and shoot while riding seems to be an excellent addition to the game but that's not it - the elephant will defend itself against anything that attacks it resulting in players been picked up by the trunk and hurled into the air or thrown on the ground and stamped on.

Elephants function as both wildlife and a vehicle; unlocking a skill gives you the ability to ride them. You're in full control of the elephant once you've mounted it, and have the ability to sprint and perform a devastating melee attack with the elephant's trunk.

Narrative director Mark Thompson says that they're still working on how to deal with players who kill the creatures. Now, players get a green targeting reticule when they hover over the creature . The team is considering the idea of treating them like allies, so if friendly NPCS see you killing an elephant, they'll react by attacking you.

It also says that it is possible to call other elephants in the area which can result in a charge with 2 or 3 storming a fortress and causing all kinds of chaos.


This new feature allows us to kick things over, so far we have only seen this new feature work with barrels - you can place C4 onto a barrel then kick the barrel into the direction of the enemy.

With a bit of luck if you get the timing & direction right you might take out all 3 below.
A question would be "does Kick work in MP and can we use C4 in MP" ? (C4 was available in FC3 but unfortunately only in single player)


The above image is from this new COOP session which has been shown called "Guns For Hire" basically one other player can be invited into your game in the single player world, all missions and progress stops and you are both free to roam around and have a tear up coop style.

The new flying machine is referred to as the BUZZER, one player flies it and another can climb on, the pilot or passenger can both use weapons while in the air.

It should be possible to fly up to a high area and drop a player off and then flank around to the opposite side, one could then attack a fortress using the wingsuit while the buzzer can attack from another side.
People have been asking for a flying vehicle other than the glider for years and now they have one - can we use this in multiplayer matches - I hope so.

In one video interview it was said that a buzzer was attacked in the air by a helicopter.

Get Attacked From Above

The world of Far Cry 4 is replete with animals. The developers now assert, that to make things a little more exciting, they have enabled the players to be attacked from above, from birds for instance.

These birds can also be seen attacking other things in the world, as the E3 demo showed - the bird carried off another animal.