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Far Cry 3 Mods in Far Cry 4

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Some of those clever people on the PC created mods for Far Cry 4, this has been progressing for some time now from what I hear.
There is even a Yeti Mod which you have to install and another that alters the time of day as you play the map.

The ones I got given lately allow everyone to use them so the maps you create will work for everyone without a need for the MOD to be installed which is excellent for people.
Video above shows flying the helicopter
Above shows mist, fog, smoke etc 

Unsure if the link will work it is so long since I have used the tools here at FCMaps and last time (years ago) I remember always having issues with video.
Hopefully once Xplorer release their Beta (possibly the end of April this month) it might then be possible to get PS4 maps working with mods without MapSwapper.

Right now though using Mapswaper by Steve64 you can play console maps on PC or PC and XB1 maps on PS4 so that is a very cool program to use.