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Currently console based and under the name Far Cry Map Making Society (name will change)
This is a new group started around March 2017 right now we are just adding in things covering the games going back to Far Cry Instincts Predator. Far Cry 2, far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4
If you are on console and just want to talk about the good old days, want to promote your maps or discuss Far Cry related things then we might be what you are looking for.

Far Cry Map Making Society - Console's

There is also another group for PC which has over 300 members currently called Far Cry 4 Map editor, this is run mostly by Paul and Roger who make really nice natural themed maps.

Far Cry 4 Map Editor (all platforms but currently most are on PC)
Check them out sometime if you are on facebook, both groups are closed so you simply ask to join the group - look forward to seeing any old names as much as new faces.